SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.
Listed below are just some of the benefits of using the Sleep Talk™ process:
Benefits to the child
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness
  • Increased awareness and belief of being loved        
  • The ability to reach goals, learn and move towards their full potential
  • Better health and wellbeing
  • Improved behaviour  - more cooperative, calmer, happier
  • Increased enjoyment of school, kinder, crèche and extra-curricular activities
  • Improved concentration
  • Better relationships
  • The confidence to say NO – to peer group pressure, bullying, drugs etc
  • Less vulnerable to negative influences of peers and others
  • Problems / issues / bad habits decrease or disappear
Benefits to the family
  • A happier home environment – feeling more harmonious as a family unit and more connected
  • Improved communication, more open communication
  • Less family tension and fights – calmer home life
  • Reduced need for specialist help
  • Better relationships - with parents and siblings. Less sibling rivalry.
  • SleepTalk™ helps you feel more positive and confident about your own parenting, knowing that you have the tools to help your child resolve their problems and issues.
  • Empowers parents that they are giving a gift to their children – the gift of self-esteem. By filling a child’s mind with the power of the positive, they can make the best of whatever ‘it’ is that they have to deal with.  All members of the family benefit from this.
  • Once positive messages have been adsorbed, they will stay with your child forever…much like their own personal guardian when you are not around and for when they leave home.
The benefits of this powerful process go far beyond you and your child. This process offers an abundance of rewards for everyone.
Imagine a whole generation of children who have instilled in them the knowledge that they are loved and are lovable, that they are valued and are valuable, that they have within them all that they will ever need to succeed and who wake up every day knowing that they can be happy, regardless of what that day may bring...
Not all children may need this process, but it's a given that they will all benefit from it.
Joane Goulding
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