SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.
Listed below are just some of the benefits of the SMILE Program for Parents
Benefits to kids
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness
  • Increased awareness and belief of being loved unconditionally and 'good enough'         
  • An independant, can-do mindset
  • The ability to reach goals and learn from setbacks 
  • Better emotional resilience and wellbeing
  • Improved behaviour  - more cooperative, calmer, happier
  • Increased enjoyment of school, kinder, crèche and extra-curricular activities 
  • Improved concentration which leads to better learning
  • Better relationships with siblings, friends, parents and beyond 
  • The confidence to say NO and cope with peer group pressure and bullying 
  • Less vulnerable to negative influences of peers and others
  • Problems / issues / bad habits / symptoms reduce or disappear altogether
  • Equipped with easy to use strategies to self-manage their stress and anxiety
  • More positive attitude
Benefits to parents and families
  • A happier home environment – feeling more harmonious as a family unit and more connected
  • Improved communication, more open communication
  • Insight and awareness that allows for change to occur
  • Less family tension and fights – calmer home life
  • Reduced need for specialist help
  • Better relationships with parents and siblings. Less sibling rivalry.
  • Parents feel empowered and more confident about their parenting knowing that they now have the insights and tools to help their kids resolve their own problems and issues.
  • All members of the family can benefit fro the tips and techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
The benefits of this powerful program go far beyond you and your child. It has a ripple effect on everyone, especially future generations.
Just imagine... a whole generation of kids and parents growing up having instilled in them the knowledge and the belief that they are unconditionally loved and are loveable, that they are valued and are valuable, that they are good enough, just as they are and have within them all that they will ever need to live their life's purpose...who wake up with a positive and emotionally resilient mind-set knowing they can overcome obstacles and challenges and still be happy, regardless of what that day may bring...knowing not every day can be a great day, but there can be something great in everyday! 

With SMILE it is my wish to reach as many parents and kids as I can!

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