SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.

Want to learn how to parent more consciously so you don't burden your kids with your own emotional baggage? 

We know that on a daily basis, many mums carry an extremely busy workload. As well as often working outside the home full-time or part-time, they are managing the home and the kids and their increasing range of commitments and demands. We know that many mums regularly try and get everyone else's needs met first and find there is rarely very little time left over for them! 

Some may think that prioritising everyone else's needs first is being a good parent, but mums are the pillar of the family! They are the ones who usually hold it all together. When mums aren't coping or are super stressed and yelling all the time, this definitely adversely affects childrens' behaviour and relationships inevitably break down. On the contrary, when mums have some balance in their lives, and their own needs are met, children are more settled and they learn that looking after themselves is important, relationships improve and the whole family benefits. 

Let's face it, most mums need more balance and need to care more for themselves! We need to be emotionally and physically fit, not only to keep up with our kids and the hectic pace of life, but also to be good role-models to our children.

For these reasons and more we have developed programs, especially for mums, to help them find some balance, be at their best and take some well deserved time for themselves to reach their health and life goals - physically and emotionally.

Please call Tanya today for a free 30 minute consultation and ask about how these life changing programs could benefit you and your family. 0425 777 837

'There are not many times in my life where I can say I am so truly grateful for change. Thank you for being that person who brought this change to me! It really feels like you have saved my marriage and my life; you have made so many things better and shown me a path free of anxiety, stress and low self esteem. You have helped me find myself again and reconnect with my husband and kids, who are all so much happier and enjoying the changes I've made everyday! I love how I now look at every situation differently and stop so much more often to enjoy the moment. I love to smile and I'm telling my family I love them everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'
Terri Burville, Point Cook

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