SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.
SMILE Programs for Parents

SMILE Online Program for Parents

The SMILE Program for Parents has been, and continues to be, extremely successful in the clinic environment with hundreds of parents loving the positive impact it has had on their kids and their own lives too. Many clients, even those that were initially skeptical, have gone on to give rave reviews and some have even called it 'magic'! It's not magic, but with consistency and commitment, it certainly can feel like magic happens. 

With the extremely under-resourced state of our current mental health system and the increasingly alarming rates of childhood anxiety and depression, it has become my absolute passion to reach as many parents and families as I can, so this program is now going ONLINE.

SMILE Online is made up of 6 easy to follow and apply modules over 6 weeks that parents can access (and revisit anytime) at their own pace. Each module only takes between 30-60 minutes and is a mixture of videos, downloadable pdfs and text with insights, tips and techniques that teach, empower and support parents and really help families to connect and find calm in this crazy paced, technology driven world we all live in. 

Modules are initially rolled out gradually so that content flows and is easy to digest. 
Week 1 - Module 1 & 2
Week 3 - Module 3
Week 4 - Module 4
Week 5 - Module 5
Week 6 - Module 6
For parents who have heard of and/or are looking for the Goulding SleepTalk Process (which is an amazing process, with proven results spanning over 40+ years), this is taught to parents within one of the 6 modules.

As well as the 6 modules, parents also receive 12 months unlimited access to our closed SMILE Facebook Community that provides great ongoing support and reassurance that you are not alone. You can also get additional support from me here, ask questions and share in a safe and supportive environment. 

Why SMILE Online is different to other programs for parents and kids out there?

1. It's so easy to follow and apply and you can access it from anywhere, at anytime.
2. The insights and techniques in the SMILE Program not only address the symptoms,
but more importantly help parents get to the cause of the problems kids are experiencing in a very subtle and gentle way, so that the symptoms lessen or disappear altogether.
3. It empowers parents as they are the ones that ultimately take the steps that bring about the positive emotional and behavioural changes in themselves and their kids.
4. The SMILE Program is non-invasive and natural - kids are often completely unaware (reduces the need for medication and therapy).
5. The SMILE Program teaches parents powerful techniques that access the subconscious mind, where the behavioural habits, fears and limiting beliefs are stored.
6. SMILE Online is an extremely affordable investment in your child's future, especially their mental health. For less than the cost of a term of swimming or music lessons, provides invaluable insights, awareness and a tool kit of tips and techniques that can be used for years to come.
7. The closed SMILE Facebook community provides Q&A and ongoing support so you quickly find you are not alone, no matter what you are going through.

Who SMILE is for

1. Parents who just want the best for their kids and want a tool-kit of tips, insights and techniques that will help them navigate parenthood more positively and more consciously.

2. Parents who want to learn more to help their kids experiencing stress, anger, fear, frustration, sadness and/or anxiety related symptoms.

3. Parents who want to help their kids prepare for, manage and cope better with change - starting school, new teacher, moving, school camp, family separation etc

4. Parents who are time poor, (work long hours and/or are in separated relationships and don't get to spend as much quality time with the kids as they'd like) and want to feel more connected with their kids.

5. Parents who are worrying about their kids' behaviour and/or the challenges they're facing and want to learn more about how they can support their child in simple, non-invasive, completely natural, yet effective ways.

6. Parents who want to protect their kids from the impact of their own anxiety and/or depression, limiting self-beliefs, emotional burdens and/or past traumas and hardships.

SMILE Basic Essentials Program - 2 private sessions at TLC 
The SMILE Basic Essentials Program involves two private 75 minute consultations (with the parent/s only) designed to discuss and identify the individual needs of your child, outline how the SMILE program works and provide you with all that you need to get started. It then includes a follow up session (again just with the parent/s) to target very specifically the presenting issue or concern.
The SMILE Basic Essentials Program includes: 
  • Detailed written materials with insights and powerful techniques to take home
  • Positive parenting strategies and parental support
  • x2 Private Consultations:  60-75 mins 
SMILE Premium Support Program - 3 private sessions at TLC
The SMILE Premium Support Program is preferred by parents when there may be more than one child and more than one issue to address.  As well as allowing more time for you to identify and discuss your child's individual needs and concerns, parents are provided with information and strategies on the power of language, positive suggestion and communication, as well as ongoing assessment, feedback and support. 
Even though the steps are easy to learn and apply, the key to the success of this program is commitment and consistency. Regular consultant contact not only helps parents feel supported in what are often stressful times, but also keeps up motivation for the best results.
The SMILE Premium Support Program includes:

  • Detailed written materials with insights and powerful techniques to take home
  • Positve parenting strategies and parental support
  • x3 Private Consultations  60-75 mins 

SMILE Presentations
SMILE presentations for parents can be arranged by request. 
Presentations are designed to introduce parent groups and carers to the importance of giving kids the gift of SMILE as well as outlining the insights and techniques in the 6 module SMILE Online Program.
Group presentations can be organised by Mother's groups, Kindergartens, ELC's, Creche's, Maternal and Child Health Centres and Schools.

To organise a SMILE presentation for your group or local community, please contact Tanya on 0425 777 837.

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