SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.
SleepTalk Programs
Basic Essentials Program - 2 sessions
The Basic Essentials Program involves one initial 75 minute private consultation (with the parent/s only) designed to discuss and identify the individual needs of your child, outline how the process of Sleep Talk™ works and provide you with all that you need to get started with the Sleep Talk™ foundation process. It then includes a follow up session (again just with the parent/s) to target very specifically the presenting issue or concern.
The Basic Essentials Programs include: 
  • Detailed written materials to take home
  • Positve parenting strategies and parental support
Consultations:  60 -75 mins
Premium Support Program - 3 sessions
The Premium Support Program is the most popular program and is preferred by parents when there is more than one issue to address.  As well as allowing more time for you to identify and discuss your child's individual needs and concerns, parents are provided with information and strategies on the power of positive suggestion and communication, as well as ongoing assessment, feedback and support. 
Even though the process itself is easy to learn and apply, the key to the success of this program is commitment and consistency. It needs to be done every night. Regular consultant contact not only helps parents feel supported in what are often stressful times, but also keeps up motivation for the best results.
The Premium Support Programs include:

  • Ongoing phone/sms support tailored to your child's specific needs or issues
  • Detailed written materials to take home
  • Positve parenting strategies and parental support
Consultations  60-75 mins                      

Ultimate Program - 4 sessions

The Ultimate Program provides all the benefits of the Premium Support Program, but is more economical and the preferred option for families who want to focus on several issues or more than one child.

Consultations: 60-75 mins

Group Program for 1st session
Small group sessions can also be arranged at other locations by request. 
Group classes/presentations are designed to introduce parents and carers to the history of Sleep Talk™ and provide you with the knowledge, techniques and skills to understand and begin using the Sleep Talk™ Foundation process with your child. You will receive an information pack that will provide you with all you need to begin the Foundation process. 
  • Detailed parent support materials to take home
Group session: 60-75 mins                   

Group session presentations can be organised by Mother's Groups, Kindergartens, ELC's, Creche's, Maternal and Child Health Centres and Primary Schools.

To organise a SleepTalk presentation for your group or local community, please contact Tanya on 0425 777 837.

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