SleepTalk: Self-Esteem and Support Programs  - Helps children to relax and release anxiety and stress.
What parents say about the SMILE Program for Parents 

 Brooke, Carnegie
"We couldn't be more thrilled with the results we've had! The break-through (doing poos in the toilet) has continued and she is now just so confident - there are no longer any toileting issues. She is so affectionate and often says how much she loves surprises me more each day. I am now such an advocate for your program and can't thank you enough! It really has exceeded my expectations and has had such a follow-on effect in so many aspects of our life. We really couldn't be happier. I feel very lucky to have had your help and support Tanya, thank you so much!"
Terri, Point Cook
"There are not many times in my life when I can say I am so truly grateful for change. Thank you for being that person who has brought this change to me. It really feels like you have saved my marriage and my life; you have made so many things better and shown me a path free of anxiety, stress and low self-esteem. You have helped me to find myself again and reconnect with my husband and kids, who are all so much happier and enjoying the changes I've made everyday. I love how I now look at every situation differently and stop so much more often to enjoy the moment. I love to smile and I'm telling my family I love them everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

 Hannah, Caulfield South
"I contacted Tanya for my son who was having a hard time with school drop-off anxiety and just generally controlling his emotions. Tanya took me through the SMILE program and showed me ways to deal with the experiences we were having with Jacob. I will never forget the first few times I did the SleepTalk process with him, I found it to be a soothing, special and peaceful moment that I also benefited from. After a few weeks the results exceeded my expectations. I will continue to use the techniques from the SMILE Program for any issues that may arise with my children and highly recommend Tanya and her programs.
Lucie, Caulfield North
"I can't tell you how happy we are and I can' t thank you enough for all the support you gave me in a very difficult time in my here is what I have to say about my experience:

Our son was almost three years old and still was not sleeping through the night. He would wake up screaming on average twice, sometimes 5 or 6 times at night. This caused a lot of anxiety, sleep deprivation, stress, worries, guilt and unhappiness in our family. We didn't know what was wrong with him, we tried so many different ways of dealing with this and in the end, when I was at breaking point, I decided to turn to Tanya for some advice. I am quite a sceptical person when it comes to alternative therapy, but the support I received through the help of Tanya's SMILE program and the SleepTalk technique was overwhelming, as the results brought calm and hope again in my family. I started the process the night I first saw Tanya, and it only took another night for our son to start sleeping through! Although the quality of his sleep was still poor due to sleep apnea, he was still waking up at night but he was able to settle himself back to sleep without feeling scared and without the help of an adult. The SleepTalk process and the SMILE program insights and techniques were the most helpful things I could have ever asked for at a very difficult time in our life. It gave me the strength and the faith that we could make things better for our son and our family as a whole. I remember feeling shy about talking to people about it, thinking that other sceptical friends would think I had 'lost the plot' but the more our son was sleeping at night, the more confident and convinced I became that I should share this experience and soon enough I was telling everyone about the miracle I was experiencing! Thank you again Tanya for being such a good listener and adviser and for the wonderful help I received from you.I know I will turn to you in the future if I ever need help again to raise my children."

Tanya, Carnegie            
"I originally went to see Tanya to get some help for my son to stop sucking his thumb. Tanya introduced me to her SMILE Program and the SleepTalk process and it has been a revelation! The whole idea of ‘implanting’ positive messages into my kids sub-conscious, to improve their self esteem, sounded like a good idea but I wasn’t really sure if it would make any difference. I decided to try it with both children (aged 8 and 10) because there was nothing to lose.

Well, this has been one of the most positive experiences in not only my children’s lives but also my life. After about 4 – 6 weeks the behavioural change was remarkable. My children were calmer, more affectionate, happy to get up each day with a positive attitude, not saying negative things about themselves, and over all lovely to be around. I am not saying they are now perfect – they are kids after all – but the change has been remarkable and the improvement in their self esteem is easily noticeable.  It is true – when a child feels loved and that they are ‘OK’, they can better cope with life’s daily challenges.  Even my son’s teacher told me that he has been a different child since the school holidays and I had not mentioned the sleep talk program to her at all, so that was the proof that the change was not in my imagination.

Tanya is wonderful Consultant. She explains the concepts clearly and easily. She is available to talk if you need to and always follows up. Tanya is a very intuitive person which, I believe, makes her really suited to this role.  I am so pleased and grateful that I met Tanya and she taught me how to really make a positive change and contribution to my children’s lives – one that they will carry with them as they grow. I think all parents should do Tanya's SMILE for Parents Program for their children."


Tracey, Glen Iris
"SMILE has made the most amazing difference to our son. He was nervous, bit his nails and often had separation anxiety at kinder drop off. Thanks to all the support and techniques we adopted, he no longer bites his nails, is more at ease with separation and so many people have commented on his new found confidence! On so many levels he seems just so much happier."

Fiona, Cheltenham
"We had a parent teacher interview last night and the teacher was full of praise for how far Jasper has come. She is now quite confident that he will be ready for 4 y.o. kinder next year, despite her earlier reservations. She can see a massive improvement in his confidence, speech development and social skills. It was so lovely to hear and is amazing to see the changes in him as his confidence grows. We have our little boy back! He is also sleeping better and coping much better emotionally."

Andy, Elsternwick
"This is an AMAZING program in which I started seeing results only after a couple of weeks. Without a doubt it is a safe and unobtrusive way to not only connect with your children on many different levels but also to provide them with the tools to aid them through life. My husband and I remark to each other almost daily about how happy our kids are. I truly believe I would be doing my children a disservice if I didn't practice what Tanya has taught us. I would highly recommend Tanya, who is not only passionate about what she does, but also very professional and personable."

What clients say about TLC Natural Health Works
“The level of personalised service I receive at TLC Natural Health Works is second to none! Having been a client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every therapist I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Hayley, Malvern.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a consistently reliable service that you can trust. TLC Natural Health Works was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. I will be back!”
Melinda, Carnegie.
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